Our products:

Thoron's products are for accelerated, targeted spill cleanup utilizing combined cultures of microbiologicals.
UltraSacch 8-4-4
Our NOP approved component organic macro & micro nutrients give better growing for better crop yields.
UltraTrit 6-4-4
Our NOP approved component wheat macro & micro nutrient products provide all that is needed for a better crop yield.
UltraMor 10-6-4
Especially formulated for Moringa to provide all the nutrients for spectacular biomass production and increased oil.
UltraCSB 14-2-2
Blended to provide the nutrition and maximum mineralization for the best corn and soybean yields.
Soil Amendments
Our soil amendment products will build heathlier soil for the improvement of your crops.
Our tailored products provide the exact minerals for the optimization of your crops.
Essential Oil Products
Our finest hand-made essential oil skin care products for you.
Oilfield Products
Thoron's products enable the producer to improve the recovery of crude oil.