Agro technology:

Soil building and preparation can be just as important as the seed and macro & micro nutrient choices you make. Our soil amendments and mineralizers can help you build healther, mineral available soil for increased yield without heavy chemical applications.
We produce soil amendment and plant targeted mineralizer products that induce better growth of the soil microbiology to give your crops a boost from seed planting through harvest.
The choice of mineralizers and macro & micro nutrient products which you apply can have widely differing results depending on the plant uptake efficiency.
Plant growers know that the proper choice of plant macro and micro nutrients can make all the difference between a mediocre yield and a spectacular yield.
Proper moisture, weed control and pest control all through the plant growth cycle can greatly effect the final yield of any crop.
Using our soil amendment products helps keep more moisture in the soil for longer periods of time. Likewise, our natural product pest controls insure low densities of pests from weeds to nematodes to sucking and chewing pests which drain the life out of your plants.

Quality Products:


Liquid Mineral Heath

Our tailored products provide the exact minerals for the optimization of your crops.


Macro Nutrient Products

Each of our macro and micro nutrient products are matched to your specific crop.


Amend, PhosGreen & BioBor

Each of these soil amendments provide soil loosening along with additional soil building microbiologicals and nutrients necessary for a healthier soil with increas uptake for plants.

Thoron produces a number of speciality macro & micro nutrient blends and speciality mineralizers as listed below:

A-maizeing Zea Mays blend, Glycine Max blend, Oryza Sativa blend, Palmus Palmus blend, Phaseolus blend, Rosa Rosa blend, Solanum blend, Triticum blend, Tropical Fruit blend, AminoPlus, BioFlav, Boricon, GlutaFlavo, Novozyme, SulfoPlex and Sustain with other special blends available. Please inquire.